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UMPay Is Assisting Xinfanlian to Conduct Innovative Marketing, and Game Players can Obtain Many Gifts after Recharging

Recently, UMPay has achieved cooperation with Xinfanlian, and Lianying platform of UMPay will provide comprehensive marketing services for “Tianxiatong”, “Tianxia Filling Station”, “91ka” and “Tianxia Internet Bar Alliance” under Xinfanlian. UMPay provided marketing services for online game virtual currency trading services for the first time in this activity. The two parties jointly launched series marketing activity during the period from December 17, 2012 to January 16, 2013 to return the users of Xinfanlian and allow gamer players to enjoy multiple gifts.


Active One: Continue to present gifts. During the activity, the users of Xinfanlian “Tianxiatong” will have the opportunity to receive an activity promotion SMS, and obtain “Tianxiatong” gift card (1 yuan) with this SMS. This card can be used to recharge many kinds of games, and at least recharge one Q coin. Meanwhile, such users can participate in lucky draw after recharging 50 yuan or more, and the gifts include iPad mini, iPhone5, 100 yuan Tianxiatong and 30 yuan Tianxiatong.


Activity Two: Continue to send “Tianxiatong” gift card. During the activity, in the Internet bar designated by Xinfanlian in Guangzhou, consumers can obtain “Tianxiatong” gift card (1 yuan) after recharging and paying through “Tianxia Filling Station”.


Xinfanlian is the largest Internet bar marketing service provider and agent of numerous online games in China. It is one of a small number of enterprises which have online virtual currency trading license. At present, all online game publishers and developers and most of Internet product publishers and developers can achieve virtual currency payment services through “Tianxia Filling Station” of Xinfanlian Group. Now Xinfanlian has more than 30,000 active trading bars of “Tianxia Filling Station” all over the country, more than 700,000 “One-Card of Tianxiatong” retail service terminal stores, more than 1.1 million registered members of alliance forum of Tianxiawang and more than 3 million game player members.


The senior management of Xinfanlian showed that with a huge member base, Xinfanlian had wanted to mobilize member resources in appropriate ways and means for secondary marketing, and simulate members for repeatedly consumption. The cooperation between Xinfanlian and UMPay this time wants to conduct member marketing relying the excellent marketing management platform of “Lianying”, to wake the sleeping member resources in the form of feedback, improve the degree of activity of members, increase membership stickiness, further expand user groups, enhance sales performance, and thus achieve the tripartite wins among users, Xinfanliann and game providers.


The leader of Lianying said that the problem that Xinfanlian faces is a universal phenomenon in game industry, and the stickiness and degree of activity of game members is one of the difficult problem for game providers and middlemen. Lianying hoped through the cooperation with Xinfanlian to jointly explore and practice the member management and marketing in game industry with the enterprises in game industry.

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