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Innovative Mobile Internet Service Attached Attention-UMPay Obtained Two Awards in the Annual Mobile Internet Meeting of with Bank Info Pal

On December 25, the second global mobile internet project cooperation summit and 2012 annual mobile internet meeting were held in Beijing. UMPay and Bank Info Pal under it won two awards of “Annual Outstanding Mobile Internet Enterprise” and “Annual Outstanding Mobile Internet Application” relying on innovative and convenient mobile Internet products and services.


In 2012, UMPay (a mobile Internet and mobile e-commerce service enterprise) continued to make innovation, and launched series of innovative mobile Internet services and products on the basis of integrating the services and products of three major business platform (U Payment, U Credit and U Benefit), such as Bank Info Pal, the mobile Fintech Service product under U Credit, mobile Internet convenient payment solution under U payment-wireless payment of U Payment, which can effectively enhance the basic ability of realizing mobile Internet traffic and support the payment needs in the process of business traffic realization, Lianying (a O2O marketing platform under U Benefit) and Gathering U Benefit (a communication account shopping website). These products and services have attached attention from the industry and won the award of “Outstanding Mobile Internet Enterprise”.


It is worth mentioning that the innovative mobile Fintech Service products under U Credit platform of UMPay-Bank Info Pal obtained the award of “Annual Outstanding Mobile Internet Application” relying on its excellent performance in mobile Fintech Service market and high recognition by users.


It is understood that Bank Info Pal can provide the information number identification, phone authentication identification, clock reminder for repayment, commonly used banking services, quick dial of phone customer service, SMS service assistant, website query and branch query of banks and other functions, to create users with safe, convenient and quick one-stop banking information services. As the first “one-stop” mobile finance information service products in China, it focuses on quickness, safety and practicability. Through Bank Info Pal, users can not only flexibly grasp various information of banks but also handle different conventional financial business in real time.


The data shows that relying on practical product features and good user experience, Bank Info Pal has attracted sustained attention of users from its launching in April 2012. At the beginning of launching Android version, Bank Info Pal has obtained the monthly downloads of 100,000. After iOS version logged in App Store, Bank Info Pal ranked third in living software. At present, the downloads of Bank Info Pal has exceeded 2 million, and led finance and money management application products. At the International Finance Exhibition which just finished, Bank Info Pal was invited to be displayed in the exhibition area of “future bank”.


In the award ceremony, the relevant responsible persons of UMPay said that global mobile Internet applications is in the ascendant, we could integrate mobile phone, Internet and other media with various Fintech Services only after following the purpose of integration and innovation, explore to open the application door to mobile Internet, and provide users with convenient and efficient mobile Fintech Services. In the future, UMPay will continue to take user experience as the innovation purpose to provide users with more convenient and safer mobile Internet related services.

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