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Mobile Payment Promoted Economic Life and UMP Co-creation Won Future-2012 UMPay E-commerce Seminar Was Convoked Successfully

“2012 UMPay E-commerce Seminar” sponsored by Union Mobile Pay Co., Ltd. was convoked on November 22 in Xiamen. The representatives of fourteen provincial companies of China Mobile Group from Beijing, Chongqing, Liaoning, Fujian, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Hainan, Heilongjiang and Jilin, China Mobile Design Institute, Research Institute, Legal Department of Group, Investment Office, E-commerce Base, Animation Base and other units and relevant persons in charge of business of Union Mobile Pay Co., Ltd. attended the seminar. Kanglin, deputy secretary general of Payment & Clearing Association of China, Lv Yanjie, a professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Wanlei, director of Bank of China, Yang Changle, director of Qunar wireless products and other honored guests were specially invited to give keynote speeches on the seminar.


Focusing on new demands, new opportunities and new challenges in the strategic transformation period of economy, the seminar deep expressed the diversified development strategies of supervisors, financing institutions and carriers under the comprehensive background of policy and industry development through the keynote speeches of “third-party payment industry development and regulation circumstances”, “Minsheng financial development thinking of Bank of China”, “application of integrative payment in e-commerce”, “e-commerce development research of three operators”; at the same time, the deep and wide-ranging discussions and communication were conducted on the seminar around the payment clearance and settlement and integration payments, contactless Near Field Communication applications, intelligent marketing platform and other business areas which attracted more attention in mobile payment application. The representative enterprises were invited to share the successful operation experience through “creating Near Field Communication ecosystem and innovate new economic model”, “development and exploration from single-point breakthrough to fine depth”, “Liaoning Mobile business alliance project”, “Qunar-making your travel smart everywhere” and other keynote speeches, which set an example and played an important role in further promoting the application and development of e-commerce in various industries and driving the innovation of e-commerce operation model.


On the seminar, focusing on the clearance and settlement and integrative payment, Near Field Communication contactless applications, intelligent marketing platform and other topics, Union Mobile Pay Co., Ltd. introduced the innovation achievements and breakthrough achieved in relevant business areas by the company through the keynote speeches of “payment products and service system”, “Near Field Communication application which changed our lives”, “industry business resources promoting development of provincial mobile e-commerce business”. Liben, deputy president of UMPay indicated that UMPay would conduct close connection and rapid deployment in the aspects of technology innovation and technology and product development, constantly gather experience in resource integration, resource investment, operation service, model innovation, business expansion and other aspects, strive to break through and further improve the resolution capacity of comprehensive service with the in-depth development of clearance and settlement platforms, Near Field Communication contactless applications, Lianying platforms and other businesses.


The business development experience was exchanged fully and the future development trends of e-commerce industry were discussed jointly in this seminar through sharing the development information related to e-commerce industry and cutting-edge ideas and technologies. After the seminar, all attendees showed that they would continue to make progress together, strengthen cooperation, complement advantages and further expand the e-commerce market jointly.

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