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UMPay Laid out “International Fintech Service” First and Supported Banking Internationalization Strategy

Recently, U Credit platform of UMPAY has launched “International Fintech Service” firstly and strongly supported the international strategy of bank; its international message proxy services has already covered more than 770 telecom operators within 192 countries and regions in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Europe. As the first domestic system specialized in providing transnational mobile Fintech Service to banks, the international message proxy server and global service capabilities of U Credit platform has filled the gap in the area of transnational mobile Fintech Service for bank industry, and also provided convenient business channels, reliable technical supports and complete operation services to those banks interested in expanding overseas business and implementing global expansion.


The international message proxy server of U Credit platform of UMPAY pushed gateways by bridging bank’s message platform and overseas telecom operators, unified different message codes, systems and communication protocols used by different national and regional telecom operators and shielded the troubles of some overseas telecom operators for two-way charging of message sending and receiving; according to demands of bank and actual characteristics of international message, U Credit platform can be compatible with communication protocol standards of international message of overseas operators, support to display fixed number and custom number setting for receiving users, and also provide status report, black and white lists, keyword filtering, overlong structure splitting and other functions. The launching of above functions and service models can effectively expand the pushing channels for domestic banks to send transnational messages, greatly simplify the workload of banks for accessing a number of overseas telecom operators simultaneously, completely clear the obstacles during expanding overseas business in information services, and also significantly advance the pace of bank to realize global integration strategy.


In recent years, as Chinese enterprises go out and expand overseas markets and RMB internationalization is promoted continually, China banking industry has been facing the power and opportunities of international development. It is objectively required that the international operation of bank industry shall be integrated with local financial systems of host country effectively, meet the financial needs of local customers comprehensively and enhance the capacity of international Fintech Service. Help the banks operated overseas realize localized Fintech Services better, which is the original design intention of international Fintech Service product of U Credit platform.


As the domestic top professional Fintech Service provider and operation supporting unit of Financial Messaging System of China Mobile, UMPay always spares no effort to break through and innovate in Fintech Service area. At the end of 2011, UMPay integrated its Fintech Service and launched the intelligent Fintech Service platform- U Credit; the platform included Financial Messaging System, Bank Info Pal, U Messaging System and other mobile Fintech Service products which can provide intelligent and professional integration information services to clients in financial industry and individual users. Up to October 2012, the financial information sent monthly by Financial Messaging System had exceeded 2.3 billion. As the significant extension of innovative capacity of U Pay platform, the international Fintech Services launched this time enhanced the capacity of Chinese-funded banks operated abroad to provide mobile Fintech Services to local users.

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