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The Innovative Products of UMPay Participated in 2012 International Finance Exhibition

On December 20, 2012, China International Finance Exhibition was opened in Beijing. At the current finance exhibition, UMPay (the Fintech Service and mobile e-commerce industrial chain service provider with ten years of service experience in finance industry) participated in the exhibition with the science and technology innovation products of Hadoop, TSM and NFC under it as well as key products under 3U platform, showed the technology innovation and mode innovation results of enterprises in mobile payment, Fintech Service information service, mobile local multi-application services and other fields, and visually explained intelligent finance and future bank concept. In the morning of December 20, Li Dongrong (the deputy governor of Central Bank arrived at the exhibition stand of UMPay, and appraised the payment services of UMPay which brought convenience and benefits to citizens and farmers.


Ling Xiang (the director of Market and Strategy Cooperation Department of UMPay) said in an interview with reporters that the future development trend of Fintech Services would take the personalized, customized and integrated intelligent Fintech Services as the mainstream. By taking intelligent finance as the orientation, UMPay has developed a series of innovative, safe and efficient finance and e-commerce products and services. On this financial exhibition, UMPay has comprehensively explained the concept of intelligent finance through the key exhibited products under it, discussed the frontier technology and products of mobile Fintech Service field with financial enterprises, industries and individual users at home and abroad, to reach the win-win situation of industry innovation, user needs and enterprise development.


The three major science and technology innovation products of Hadoop, TSM and NFC have participated in the current financial exhibition, which has attracted wide attention from many industrial users and authorities.


Hadoop Lanjing massive data processing platform of UMPay is a total solution for massive data processing of enterprises, and it has been used in the main production lines of UMPay, including Financial Messaging System, communications account, capital concentration and third-party payment. The platform has realized the real-time query of massive short text message data, and opened transaction self-query services for more than 100 million users. At present, the amount of processed text messages has exceeded 10 billion, and the average query response time is less than 100ms. In the aspect of platform risk control, the processed data exceeded 300GB, and the time is less than 10 minutes.


TMS is the core infrastructure of NFC ecological environment, and UMPay has achieved SE application dynamic loading and lifecycle management, highly safe user personal identity data configuration, multiple-application independent card space management and other functions based on “multiple-application open platform” of TSM, and thus become the air sharing channel and safety carrier trusted by  telecom operators, banks and other safe carrier application issuer.


As one of the enterprises which have researched and developed new NFC business earliest in China, UMPay has reached close cooperation with operators and researched and developed public transportation, enterprise, e-commerce and other NFC applications which are closely related to mass consumers. At present, the NFC services that UMPay has provided for more than one million of users in Fujian, Zhejiang, Gansu, Shaanxi and other provinces and received many praises.


In addition to the three major scientific and technological innovation products, UMPay also displayed the key products under the three business platforms of U Payment, U Credit and U Benefit, such as fund management solution for medium and large-sized group users, mobile quick payment solution for medium, small and micro-sized industry businesses, O2O overall solution for businesses and users, Bank Info Pal for individual user and other products. Meanwhile, the new products and services launched by 3U platform for international and marketing trends have also further improved the leading comprehensive service capabilities of UMPay.


During the current financial exhibition, U Payment platform officially released the mobile payment terminal product which has attached a lot of attention from the market– U Swiping. U Swiping can provide business collection, offline acceptance and other operation services for logistics COD, insurance, education and other industrial users; meanwhile, provide  individual users with bill number payment, convenient recharging and repayment, bar code scanning and other living payment services, with a board application space. As the strong complement to offline payment ability, U Swiping will be combined with the existing payment products and services, further achieve the integration of online + offline payment method at U Payment platform, and create the comprehensive payment platform service concept covering many kinds of payment tools. In the future, it will provide the users in travel, communications, insurance, e-commerce, energy and other industries with more efficient, quicker and safer fund management and comprehensive payment service solution.


U Credit platform has launched “International Financial Information Services” for international market to provide strong support for the international strategy of bank. Its international short text message agent services have covered more than 770 telecom operators in 192 countries and areas including Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Europe.


The O2O overall solution launched by U Benefit platform is the mobile local multi-application platform achieved by UMPay based on many years of experience in e-commerce services and relying on mobile communications and mobile Internet. It can share business information through platform, provide businesses with cooperation among different industries and overall marketing solution, and provide individual user with convenient and favorable digital life. Currently the McDonald’s Christmas special ceremony activity touted by consumers has effectively contributed to the marketing cooperation among different industries between McDonald’s and Wanda Cinema through Lianying marketing management platform and Gathering U Benefit platform.


It is worth mentioning that the exhibition area of “future bank” was set up in this financial exhibition for the first time Bank Info Pal under U Credit was invited to participate . The downloads of Bank Info Pal has exceeded 2 million recently, and mobile, integrated and customized future banking service development trend reflected by Bank Info Pal has been recognized by industry partners and exhibitors.

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