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Eat a big meal+ enjoy movie+ win dolls + earn Q coins – McDonald’s launched colorful Christmas gifts with UMPay

Enjoy a biggest feast and have a perfect Christmas by using UMPay. During the period from November 28 to December 31, McDonald’s and UMPay jointly launched Christmas special ceremony activity titled “McDonald’s at the tip of tongue, and Gathering U Benefit at the fingertip” to provide consumers with the most delicious Christmas food, most favorable movies in cinemas and most heart touching Christmas gifts.


During the activity, consumers can choose to buy Hello Kitty doll at the price of 25 yuan after any consumption, or buy Hello Kitty doll after paying 25 yuan, and they will receive the coupons provided by UMPay.


Send the code according to the tips of coupons, after receiving the cash coupon code sent by Lianying platform of UMPay, logging in Gathering U Benefit (unified online shopping platform for mobile telephone charge payment under UMPay, entering the page of promotion for buying tickets of Wanda Cinema and Chinaticket), filling in cash coupon code and other relevant operations, consumers can successfully book tickets from Wanda Cinema at a discount of 55%, and tickets at reduced rate after enjoying discount at Chinaticket (including Sundays and holidays).


In addition, the Gathering U Benefit platform of UMPay will draw out lucky customers from the users who have successfully order movie tickets each week, and the gifts include limited-edition Hello Kitty gift boxes worth 188 yuan; free movie ticket exchange coupon for 102 theaters in the urban area of Beijing and Wanda Cinema; Tencent Q coins. The consumers will be informed of award-winning information in the form of short text message and telephone. 


Industry experts pointed out that holidays is busy shopping season. For businesses, the key for winning the war in “holiday marketing campaign” was how to win consumers by using a variety of marketing tools. This time, UMPay achieved joint marketing between Chinaticket and Wanda together with McDonald’s, launched Christmas food, movies in theaters and other forms of Christmas gifts, which had achieved one-stop and packed Christmas consumer experience, provided consumers with the most sophisticated taste enjoyment, the most three-dimensional visual experience, most moving surprises and most favorable psychological enjoyment.


According to reports, Gathering U Benefit (as the online platform for this joint marketing activity) is the unified online shopping platform for mobile telephone charge payment launched by Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd., and it is mainly used for operating digital commodities. In addition to buying preferential movie tickets, the business scope will be extended to game world, entertainment, super shopping, convenience services, community friend making, microinsurance and other areas in the future, and provide mobile phone client services, thus truly achieving mobile digital life.

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