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High Growth, Deep Cover, U Payment- Cash Management Solutions has Achieved Overall Leading

The “U payment-fund management solutions” of UMPay has achieved leading earliest relying on its distinctive “mobile payment characteristics”, and has steadily taken the first position in the fund concentration business in domestic mobile application area. At present, this business has been widely used in communications, energy, distribution and other industries and maintained high growth. As of October 2012, the business has covered more than 400 million users, the accumulative amount of users has exceeded 1 million, the accumulative amount of processed fund has exceeded100 billion yuan, and the daily trading fund has exceeded 100 million yuan. The business scale grew by 30% compared to that in last year and the compound growth rate of business reached 67%, thus achieving a comprehensive leading.


An enterprise customer said: “Before, the cycle of capital return waslong, the workload of collection, audit and fund flow was large, the efficient was very low and the mistakes may be made frequently. After our company introduced this management system, three payment modes are provided, including payment by users, asking for payment by enterprises and automatic deduction set by users, fund concentration can be achieved after sending 1-2 short text messages, the cycle of capital return has been shortened from 7 days to 1-2 days, whole-process automatic operation has been achieved, and now it only needs to check the amount arrived in bank account, thus greatly saving the labor force and time cost of our company”. Users in remote areas also have deep feelings: “It is very convenient and timely and easier than POS machine. You can use it with a mobile phone, thus saving a lot of time and travel expenses, reducing the safety risk at payment with a large amount of cash, and thus solving the difficult problem of renewals in remote areas.”


At present, UMPay has three major business platforms, including “U Payment- integrated payment service, U Credit-intelligent Fintech Service, U Benefit-mobile local multi-application services”, so as to provide enterprise user and individual consumers with a full range of Fintech Service and mobile e-commerce industry chain services. U Payment-fund management solutions is the one of the core products of U Payment platform and the accurate judgment and innovation result of UMPay after deep investigation on this industry and active exploration from 2006. In the future, it will extend the business in insurance, logistics, e-commerce, air travel and more industries with fund management needs.


The “U Payment-fund management solutions” of UMPay meets the financial system safety standards of the Central Bank, the operation systems have passed a number of national security certifications, it has been docked and integrated with the client management, channel management, financial risk management, credit management and other internal core systems to achieve the unification among enterprise fund flow, information flow and management system, and make efforts to promote the transformation of the large and medium-sized group enterprises with long management levels, big system data, high informatization requirements and efficient fund management needs into finance management informatization and mobile application.


With respect to the online banking fund concentration of POS terminals and PC Internet, deduction in batches from bank card of financial institutions, the mobile payment fund management solution based on mobile phone has distinct advantages: 1) It is more applicable to the two parties with frequency transactions for cooperation, not restricted by environment and application scenarios, and it can be used with a mobile phone. 2) Fast growth speed and expansion, from urban areas to rural areas and then to fields, the entire network connectivity is achieved among Mobile, Unicom and Telecom, with wide coverage and deep coverage degree; it can be used at the place with mobile phone signals, thus meeting the real-time operation needs of “anytime, anywhere, portable”. 3) It is not required to swipe card or connect external devices, so the applications are more flexible and easier, and the cost is lower.

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