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Wanda Launched the activity of “Countdown to Buying Movie Tickets at the Price of 8 Yuan” with UMPay

There are Life of Pi, Back to 1942 and The Grand Master. The fierce “box office combat” of blockbuster movies in the festival season is like a blockbuster movie. The activity of “Countdown to Buying Movie Tickets at the Price of 8 Yuan” launched by Gathering U Benefit (official shopping platform of China Mobile bill payment: with Wanda International Cinema, one of the largest cinemas in Asia, simultaneously started the “box office combat”!


December 3-December 6, 2012, Wanda International Cinema and Gathering U Benefit platform under UMPay jointly launched the activity of “Countdown to Buying Movie Tickets at the Price of 8 Yuan”, and consumers could participate after logging in the website of Gathering U Benefit under UMPay ( . This activity was divided into 4 days. The period from 10:00 to 17:00 is the time for buying tickets quickly. The countdown is: “2D tickets are sold at the price of 38 yuan, the price of tickets will be reduced by 10 yuan, namely 28 yuan, and the tickets will be sold at the price of 8 yuan; so are 3D tickets”. In this activity, totally 10000 discount tickets would be sold, and the activity would be ended after selling out.


Gifts will be sent during the activity. Consumers will have the opportunity to obtain the authorization codes to buy discount tickets from Wanda using 30Q coins or 10 yuan. Meanwhile, hot ticketing buying activity is being conducted at official website. During the period of activity, there are limited amount of 2D tickets (10 yuan) and 3D tickets (20 yuan) in the morning and afternoon every day, and the limited amount is 500 every day. In addition, consumers can become the “fans with privilege” of Gathering U Benefit after following the microblogging of Gathering U Benefit ( and @ 3 fans. The fans with privilege can receive “authorization codes for buying tickets from Gathering U Benefit at discounts” every month, and they can buy tickets from Gathering U Benefit at discounts with the codes.


It is understood that there are to forms to buy tickets from Gathering U Benefit. One is online seat selection for consumers who want to watch the movies recently, and consumers can select seats without the need to go out, which not only saves the time, but also select their favorite movies; the other one is to buy electronic voucher codes, the valid period of which is 6 months. Consumers can exchange tickets in the Wanda Cinemas in China, and this way is suitable for the consumers who do not have target movies but can buy tickets using the balance of phone charges in advance.


The promotion of this activity has not only brought real benefits to the majority of fans, but also provided convenient ticket buying and selection ways and more diverse payment methods, and thus brought consumers one-stop easy buying experience. Meanwhile, the cooperation between UMPay and Wanda has also expanded the sales channels and payment channels of cinemas and achieved win-win results.


According to reports, Gathering U Benefit ( is the mobile bill payment online shopping platform launched by Union Mobile Pay Co., Ltd, mainly engaged in digital goods. In addition to buying movie tickets at discounts, its business also has covered game cards, entertainment life, super marketing shopping, convenience services, community friend making, micro-insurance and other industries, and provided individual users with nearly 3,000 goods and applications. Gathering U Benefit will launch mobile client application in January 2013, provide promotions in the mobile phone in each user, and thus achieve the mobile digital life accompanied by promotions.

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