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Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Conducted Special Training in Anti-money Laundering

To respond positively to the call of the Business Management Department of People’s Bank of China to conduct anti-money laundering propaganda month activity, Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Held the special training in anti-money laundering titled “being vigilant about network money laundering trap and enhancing the awareness of anti-money laundering” on November 22. More than 10 key employees of 8 departments of Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd. participated into the training, including Payment and Product Department, Electronic Channel Center, Industry Cooperation Business Center, Capital Concentration Center, Operation Center, Information Technology Department, Fund Management Department and Risk Management Department.


The topic training took the source of the word “money laundering” as the starting point, and publicized the origin of anti-money laundering and basic concepts to employees; through the introduction of money laundering cases, especially the money laundering cases of financial institutions, Internet fraud, money laundering and other criminal cases, alerted employees to raise awareness of anti-money laundering in life and work, warned employees not to participate money laundering activities or be used by money laundering crimes, be good at finding abnormal transaction behaviors, and protect themselves and the Company from being used by money laundering criminals. Meanwhile, conveyed the anti-money laundering policies of regulatory authorities to employees, help employees understand the anti-money laundering measures and consciously implement the compliance policies with a active attitude, and thus improve the risk management capability and conformity management level of the Company.


According to the “anti-money laundering” requirements of the People’s Bank of China, UMPay will regularly conduct anti-money laundering training and publicity work, seriously fulfill client identification, suspicious transaction reports and other anti-money laundering obligations, actively cooperate in the anti-money laundering  and anti-terrorist financing supervision and inspection, strengthen anti-money laundering prevention and control work, and perfect the establishment of anti-money laundering system and mechanism.

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