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Launch of FMP iOS version with Newly Added Cloud Storage Feature on

The dissemination of bank cards has brought convenience and real benefits to our lives and there are constantly new card-using experiences on offer. Developed in response to the demand of bank card users, UMPay’s bank service assistant app. Financial Messaging Platform (FMP) raises bank card service quality and provides more thorough and convenient mobile financial services.


Launched on, the newly updated FMP iOS 3.3.0 has the added feature of an account system which allows for a quick log-in on FMP with an existing Sina Weibo account number or QQ account number, saving the trouble of applying for a separate account and thus holding multiple accounts. FMP’s quick internet access features also include Cloud Synchronization, which allows for backup of the FMP account information. With the information uploaded to the Cloud, things like mobile phone change or loss and new version updates will not affect the FMB account data. As long as regular backups and updates are done, you can navigate through special circumstances at ease. And FMP will protect the security and confidentially of the cloud backup data while allowing you easy access.


what’s important is that, FMP’s “My Card” is a very practical tool that allows users of multiple bank cards to put all bank cards in one “e-Card Wallet” by entering information via photo or manually. It provides easy bank card management and also serves as reminder in the event that you lose your card and can’t remember relevant information.  


In addition to “My Card” and cloud storage, FMP also offers the thoughtful and practical money saving tool of “Neighborhood deals and discounts” which can locate discount and special deals offered by the contracted businesses of multiple bank cards in six categories: food and beverage, shopping, recreation and entertainment, life services, hotel and accommodations and point consumption. Search can also be conducted by searching by selecting a bank card and a distance range. The feature also supports Weibo, Wechat and SMS, which allows users to send or recommend to friends the information and share the benefits and fun.


Use FMP and experience the one-stop bank-service-included mobile financial service!

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