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Enjoy the New Experience of Telephone Fee Shopping in the era of 020

020 pattern brings us more and more convenient and safe payment method while making consumers enjoy online booking and offline experience.


Recently, reporter saw a shopping website (, the website supports e-bank online payment and mobilephone payment, in addition that, the biggest characteristic is that the payment can be conducted with phone fee. The staff of the website said that this website mainly sells electronic tickets goods with small denomination, variety contains cash coupons of various markets, supermarkets and laundries, gift cards of comprehensive e-commerce websites, coin certificates of electronic ticket business, and electronic virtual goods, such as Q-coins and game cards. For example, the following promotion activities are very popular among users: 85 yuan telephone fee is exchanged for 100 yuan Yiersa laundry card, 60 yuan phone fee is exchanged for Wanda 3D movie tickets with the original price of 120 yuan and gift cards of Jing Dong.


“I usually buy movie tickets or game cards on this website, these things can be bought by Internet or sending message. I can use phone to send text message to assigned number, after the payment is confirmed according to prompt, I can receive the goods quickly, it is safe and convenient, it can be done anywhere at any time. Moreover, buying things by sending message has another great benefit, I do not need to think about paying credit card bill when the credit card expires, it is very convenient.” a consumer told reporter.


Then, the reporter also gave it a try, he opened the official website (, and saw the activity: “85 yuan phone fee is exchanged for 100 yuan laundry card”. According to the prompt, the reporter edited the text message 085 and sent it to 1065800887968, according to the text message, the payment was completed after replying and confirming, and quickly the phone received a code of 100 yuan electronic laundry card.


The reporter noticed that now the phone fee just could be used for micro-payment, for example, mobile users in Beijing only can use 300 yuan phone fee to exchange goods, but in the era of 020, the convenience of phone fee payment will be favored by more and more consumers, and the phone fee payment will become a new payment habit for people.


After joining “Telephone Charge Pay”, the application client-side of China Mobile for exchanging commodities with phone fee, more goods can be exchanged at any time.


After joining the WeChat public number of, more special information about phone fee exchange for goods can be acquired.

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