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UMPay joints hands with Dianping to lead a new wave of mobile group buying

The convenience of smart phones helps drive a growing consumption of mobile terminals and more and more consumers are getting special deals by buying e-tickets through mobile terminals. Statistics show that by the first half of 2013, consumption from mobile group buying has grown by 20% over last year. Getting special deals and discounts any place any time is increasingly becoming a common consumption habit among consumers.

Recently, by a cooperation entered into between China’s leading third party payment service provider UMPay and Dianping, Dianping’s mobile client “Dianping Group Buying”(“Dazhong Dianping Tuan”)now allows full access to U-Payment, UMPay’s integrated payment platform. Using the “Dianping Group Buying” client, users can buy a variety of products offering group buying deals and pay directly with bank cards.


According to the Mobile Banking User Analysis Report, mobile users require higher speed,  such as a more accurate and quicker search for nearby restaurants; and easier and more convenient payment procedures and user experience; and they also have higher requirement for personalized services and want prettier and more stylish terminal interface.  


“Having taken full account of the usage habit and the diverse needs of mobile users, in this cooperation, U-Payment has provided customized service contents integrated with Dianping’s product features. Also, based on the users’ card using habit and needs, U-Payment opens up the function of credit card quick payment which supports credit cards from 75 domestic banks and provides a comprehensive coverage of all mobile terminals to create a premium payment experience for the users,” said the head of the U-Payment platform.


According to industry analysis, precise location-base service and convenient payment anyplace anytime will gradually change people’s lifestyles and consumption habits and lead to the formation of new consumption modes. At a time when more and more companies are trying to stake out a position in the field of mobile internet and LBS, the win-win cooperation between Dianping and UMPay has already gotten a head start in leading the new heat wave of mobile group buying. 

UMPay’s integrated payment platform U-Payment provides customized integrated payment, settlement and funds management solutions to more than a thousand businesses in commercial travel, telecommunications, lottery, insurance, energy and other fields such as,, Gome, Mengniu Diary, Xinao Gas and This cooperation with Dianping is a solid step for UMPay in its penetration into the O2O and group buying fields. It is reported that in the next stage of the cooperation, based on the obtained mass consumption data, the parties will use their respective platforms and resources to launch a series of joint marketing activities.

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