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UMPay Assists Mangocity to Develop Top-rate Mobile Business Travel Services

China’s leading third party payment service provider UMPay entered into a cooperation agreement with Mangocity recently. According to the announcement made by the parties, the mobile client of Mangocity will allow its users full access to UMPay’s integrated payment platform U-Payment to conduct business travel reservations. The parties will also have enhanced cooperation in the field of commercial travel by developing and launching more attractive services.   


This cooperation is said to aim for providing Mangocity’s users with convenient and secure payment services. It allows the website’s users, after placing an order through the website’s mobile client, to directly access the credit card quick payment channel on UMPay’s U-Payment platform and complete payment easily by going through just two simple steps - selecting a bank and entering the bank card information, a design that will bring the users maximum convenience. At present, U-Payment platform supports quick payment by credit cards from 75 domestic banks and has a comprehensive coverage of all smart mobile terminals.


“Going electronic is an ever-evident trend in the online travel market, and price is no longer an absolute factor in competition. Therefore, having a more secure, faster, and more efficient payment channel is the key to attract users,” said an officer of the leading domestic online travel agency “Mangocity”, “The cooperation with UMPay helps us upgrade and improve our payment service ability at mobile terminals, meet users’ diverse payment demands and secure an advantageous position for Mangocity in the increasing fierce competition in the market. It is our belief that this cooperation will be the beginning of a win-win relationship between the two sides.   


The head of UMPay’s U-Payment platform said, “Based on a comprehensive analysis of the consumption habits, payment demands and other characteristics of the users of Mangocity, U-Payment has provided the website with customized payment products which will help it optimize user payment experience, improve order success rate and effectively raise transaction volume; UMPay will also rely on our own data processing ability to integrate data on user payment behaviors so as to provide basis for our two sides to do joint marketing in the next stage of our cooperation.” 

UMPay’s U-Payment platform specializes in services to the commercial travel industry and provides businesses with customized integrated payment, settlement and funds management solutions. UMPay’s cooperation with Mangocity is another successive initiative following the company’s strategic cooperation with in 2012. This cooperation marks a solid step in the company’s further service expansion and penetration into the commercial travel industry.

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