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Join in Shanghai Payment Camp to Enjoy Shopping with Call Charge

Nowadays, more and more people in Shanghai pay movie tickets, game currency, e-books, software, living articles and other consumer goods with call charge and enjoy its convenience and efficiency, which raises a new round of E-payment fervor.


Call charge payment is also called communication account payment, a new favorite following card payment and internet payment. Unnecessary to open accounts, users can buy products or services of cooperating merchants whenever and wherever possible with call charge account through SMS, website, client or other forms, which is not only simple and convenient, but also replaces bank cards. You don't need to worry about the disclosure of much personal information as it's safe and fashionable!


Nowadays, China Mobile users in Shanghai only need to log in the official website of wireless city in Shanghai ( and click the rolling advertisement of "Shopping with call charge!", or directly enter to enter the comprehensive website of Shanghai communication account payment and enjoy convenient and colorful life with call charge payment. Jointly developed by Union Mobile Pay Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Shanghai, the website has been made cooperation with almost one hundred merchants, including games, tickets, lottery, e-books, software, E-commerce and nearly one thousand pieces of goods and application, which has brought huge convenience to the life of Shanghai citizens.


It is reported that currently, mobile fee can only make payment of smaller amount. For example, users of China Mobile in Shanghai can only consume RMB200 to exchange products every month. In the mobile internet age, however, call charge payment will be preferred by more and more consumers due to its convenience, and it will be applied to more living fields to enable people to truly realize easy payment and consume on mobile phones.

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