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Ever closer mobile payment and easy, trendy mobile shopping -food, movies, books and attractions at the click of your fingers

Mobile payment is ever closer to our daily lives! Now users of China Mobile Henan can buy movie tickets, attractions tickets, books and even Dico’s food and pay directly from mobile phone accounts by simply clicking your fingers to send a text message. It is just that simple!


Also known as mobile phone payment, mobile payment is the latest popular payment method after card payment and internet payment. By sending a text message or operating on the internet platform (log in on U-Discount “Ju U Hui” website) or the mobile client (download and install Mobile Payment Platform, or “Huafubao” client), users can pay for purchases directly from mobile phone accounts. Simple and convenient, mobile payment not only allows shopping anyplace anytime, but also save the trouble of carrying around cash or getting changes, and it doesn’t require the disclosure of much personal information. It’s a safe and fashionable.


For example, users of China Mobile Henan can buy Dico’s 96 RMB family deal, 66 RMB two-person deal and 46 RMB one-person deal e-coupons by texting 009, 069 and 049 respectively to 106580088785 to pay the respective amounts from mobile accounts. Jiafan’s 20RMB, 40RMB 2D, 60 RMB 2D and 100 RMB 3D movie tickets are also available by texting 200, 400 and 100 respectively to 1065800887931 to pay the respective amounts from mobile accounts. Users can even log in on the “huikan movie” channel of “97 hui” website’s Zhengzhou site ( to order a movie to watch and directly pay from mobile accounts. Soon book purchase coupons for Xinhua bookstores, attractions tickets and other goods and services will also be available for purchase directly from mobile account. Mobile payment enables one-stop service for everyday life, leisure and entertainment.


As the goods available for purchase from mobile accounts become more diversified and the payment itself becomes handier, mobile payment will greatly affect and change habits and lives and give people a more intimate experience of the convenience and fashions brought about by technological progress in the era of mobile internet.

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