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UMPay won the 2015 Beijing Science and Technology Award

Beijing Science and Technology Awards Conference & 2016 Beijing Sci-technology Conference were held grandly by Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Beijing Municipal Government on February 19, 2016. The list of 2015 Beijing Science and Technology Award was announced during the conference and contributors were cited for promoting scientific and technological progress as well as the economic construction and social development of the capital. This time, a total of 188 achievements won Beijing Science and Technology Award, among which, the platform for the "construction and application of Mobile Payment system of new and high concurrent transaction" developed by Union Mobile Pay Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "UMPay") was awarded the third prize by Beijing Municipal Government.


As an advanced provider for third party payment, information service and Fintech Service business, UMPay aims to provide the users with quicker, more convenient and safer payment services. The platform for the "construction and application of mobile payment system of new and high concurrent transaction" (hereinafter referred to as "Mobile Payment platform") is researched and developed by UMPay independently, who also reserves all the independent intellectual property. The technological innovation covers such ranges as high concurrent transaction system, highly available database architecture and data center for magnanimous data processing, and many achievements have been made (besides, 2 patents and 6 software copyrights have been applied successfully for certain achievements). The Mobile Payment platform is developed as a complete and easy-to-use payment solution for Chinese mobile phone users. Without registration, users can purchase the products or services provided by merchants with payment through short messages, WEB site, APP and other channels at any time.


UMPay Mobile Payment can provide payment services for various Internet and mobile Internet businesses and O2O merchants through mobile payment platform, which can help merchants to transform from "the traditional offline sales of real cards or real objects" to "online, high frequency and small denomination" and reduce their threshold and maintenance costs to engage in mobile applications businesses. At present, the business has covered more than 10 industries related to the Internet, O2O, convenient service and so on, and more than 600 industry merchants and nearly 100 million Chinese mobile users have enjoyed its convenient and efficient payment services, among which, more than 10 million are monthly active users.


The UMPay Mobile Payment platform used to be awarded the title of "2014 Excellent Software" by China Software Industry Association. The issued Beijing Science and Technology Award this time also demonstrates the affirmation and recognition of the market to the brand, business and product of UMPay. Within an era of nationwide "Internet+", UMPay will, based on its Mobile Payment, continue to provide industry clients and users with safe, convenient and efficient informatization production payment solutions.

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