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Company Profile


        UMF, established in 2003, is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in providing financial technology services for financial institutions and industrial upgrading; it was listed through restructuring material assets in 2016, now it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HyUnion Holding (002573).

        UMF actively builds up capacity for artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud service, big data, 5G message and other financial technologies, and focuses on creating third-party payment, digital technology, financial information service, interconnection marketing, cross-border financial service and other operative segments. It has established cooperation with over 140 financial institutions and over 3,600 large-scale enterprises, providing financial technology services for nearly one million medium and small-sized enterprises and 530 million individual users.



       Corporate influence


  • ●National financial technology demonstration zone enterprise
  • ●National high-tech enterprise
  • ●Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise
  • ●Key financial technology enterprise in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Xicheng Zone
  • ●Have held a post in “China's Top 100 Internet Companies” for five consecutive years from 2014 to 2018
  • ●Ranked in the fourth position across China in terms of market size in the Mobile Payment field (iResearch and Analysys data statistics of Q1 2019)
  • ●Standing Director Unit of National Internet Finance Association of China
  • ●Standing Director Unit of Payment & Clearing Association of China
  • ●Founding Shareholder Unit of NetsUnion Clearing Corporation
  • ●"Application Service Platform for Financial Risk Control Big Data" was listed into "Key Projects Promoting Big Data Development" of National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC)
  • ●China Mobile Laboratory Member Unit for 5G message innovation and opening
  • ●Jointly founded AI Research Center with SFU University in Canada
  • ●China Top 100 Enterprises with Comprehensive Competitiveness in Software & Information Technology Service  



          Strategic positioning

         Technology energizes inclusive finance

  • ●Be devoted to researching, developing and applying cutting-edge financial technologies, and energizing innovation of various financial products and services to drive digital, intellectual and popularized finance.
  • ●Closely cooperate with financial institutions, and get integrated into diversified industrial application scenarios to provide diversified, convenient, efficient and safe financial technology services for industrial Internet and customer-oriented Internet.
  • ●Constantly promote innovation of technologies and products to satisfy investment and financing demands of different levels of industry chain and medium, small and micro-sized enterprises and expedite the upgrading of traditional industries and development of real economy.
  • ●Comprehensively apply artificial intelligence, big data mining and other technologies to assist to realize intelligent risk control for retail finance and consumer credit service and enhance coverage ratio of individual financial services.


         Ecological layout

        Support the five major services of third-party payment, digital technology, financial information service, interconnection marketing and cross-border financial service through artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud service, big data and 5G message and other technology capacities, energize financial institutions, industrial Internet and e-Commerce, build ecology for financial technologies, and promote development of inclusive finance and real economy.


     Technical capacity

     The Company focuses on R&D and innovation of artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud service, big data, 5G message and other cutting-edge technologies, providing technical capacity support for financial technology service.