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Digital certificate is a security certificate to identify the user’s identity information. It is equivalent to the user’s online e-ID-card, which could show the user’s identity and authority limit. Nowadays, most banks identify user’s identity by digital certificate, such as ICBC USB key, CMB certificate and U Key. Digital certificate could be classified into two kinds: document certificate and hardware certificate. UMF’s is free document certificate without post fee, and the user can install it into the hardware of computer soon after the application is approved.


UMF’s powerful monitoring center for operation and maintenance provides 24*7 real-time monitoring of the system network. Meanwhile, its complete security warning and event response system flow makes your transaction quick, safe, and successful.


UMF provides two mobile phone services: dynamic password and short note. In order to secure account and transaction, after applying for mobile phone dynamic password service, the user could add the procedure of mobile phone short message verification while paying or modifying key information of UMF account. The user could also set short note function by himself or herself, so when the preset payment amount is exceeded, the mobile phone will receive short note.


Login password and payment password can together protect your fund in account, even when one of them is lost. However, please notice that the two passwords should not be identical, or the dual protection will be invalid.


UMF secure login control is an encryption control to protect the security of your passwords. It could effectively protect the passwords from being stolen by Trojan and other viruses, and encrypt the user’s key information again. Nowadays, almost all banks adopt security control to secure users' passwords.


Security Center