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Report method

By telephone

24-hour hotline: 400-112-5883

By email (reply within 2 workdays)


Report Object

Phishing website

As fraudulent website, a phishing website always visits through imitated shopping website, email or link provided by QQ. It looks very alike UMF Payment and the imitated e-commerce website.

Bad business

The spreading and sales of content and service strictly prohibited by state regulations; such as porn, gamble and drug.


Flow of report disposition

First, receive reported information

By telephone or email, send the information to UMF; (please specify the website and screen capture of the reported, thus we could confirm the reported information as soon as possible).

Second, confirm the reported information

Record and distinguish the information, and then submit the phishing website and bad business to related authorities.

Third, reply report result

Timely make feedback of the disposition result.



近日,我司全资子公司海联金汇(北京)金融科技有限公司(以下简称:海联金科)接到举报,发现有不法分子冒充海联金科及法人名义,通过“密乐CP”、“恋爱CP”等 APP平台进行诈骗行为,严重损害了我司形象以及客户利益,为避免更多人上当受骗,维护公司的合法权益,现严正声明:



 2、对于不法行为,我司第一时间配合受害人到公安局报案,经警方核实,我司与“密乐CP”、“恋爱CP”等 APP平台无任何商业合作和商务往来。












Security Announcement

Through long-term monitoring, our company finds out that some phishing websites pretend to be our company’s official website. They publish not only incorrect company information, but also fake costumer service telephone number to mislead users.


Such counterfeit seriously infringes legal rights and interests of our company and our users. In order to protect the legal rights and interests of our users, UMF notices the users with goodwill that please discriminate and check the following information:


1. UMF’s official website is “”. Union Mobile Payl E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UMF, and its business introduction and contact information could be found in the official website of UMF. Please carefully check the website domain name, avoid visiting link whose origin is unknown or dialing the fake customer service telephone number;


2. The official customer service telephone numbers of UMF are 400-112-5881 and 400-112-5883. For any question, please dial the official number to consult and transact.


We appreciate your understanding and support!


Security Center