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Cross-border collection service


Integrated solution for supply chain finance for cross-border collection and payment



Functional advantage


Compliance safety


It strictly fulfills supervision rules and safety rules for information capital system



Multi-platform one-stop integration


It realizes collection through multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms, and supports payment demands with reasonable scenarios, VAT tax services, centralized finance management services for financing credit and others.



Strong withdrawal capability


It supports withdrawal of RMB/original currency, withdrawal of public and private accounts, and rapid account receipt of withdrawal



Currency exchange convenience


Dual-license support, onshore/offshore real-time quoted exchange rate, real-time exchange rate locking for withdrawal, and lowered foreign exchange risk.


Supply chain financing


The independently researched and developed block chain credit investigation system is adopted to support multi-platform uniform financing, limit flexible interest rate discount, quick loan issuance and repaying after borrowing.


Diversified value-added services


Satisfy increasingly growing business demands of foreign trade enterprises and cross-border e-commerce




Business System


Union Mobile Financial Technology Co., Ltd


Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd



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