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  • UMPay Is Assisting Xinfanlian to Conduct Innovative Marketing, and Game Players can Obtain Many Gifts after Recharging

    Recently, UMPay has achieved cooperation with Xinfanlian , and Lianying platform of UMPay will provide comprehensive marketing services for “Tianxiatong”, “Tianxia Filling Station”, “91ka” and “Tianxia Internet Bar Alliance” under Xinfanlian.

  • Innovative Mobile Internet Service Attached Attention-UMPay Obtained Two Awards in the Annual Mobile Internet Meeting of with Bank Info Pal

    On December 25, the second global mobile internet project cooperation summit and 2012 annual mobile internet meeting were held in Beijing. UMPay and Bank Info Pal under it won two awards of “Annual Outstanding Mobile Internet Enterprise” and “Annual Outstanding Mobile Internet Application” relying on innovative and convenient mobile Internet products and services.

  • The Innovative Products of UMPay Participated in 2012 International Finance Exhibition

    On December 20, 2012, China International Finance Exhibition was opened in Beijing.

  • Eat a big meal+ enjoy movie+ win dolls + earn Q coins – McDonald’s launched colorful Christmas gifts with UMPay

    Enjoy a biggest feast and have a perfect Christmas by using UMPay.

  • High Growth, Deep Cover, U Payment- Cash Management Solutions has Achieved Overall Leading

    The “U payment-fund management solutions” of UMPay has achieved leading earliest relying on its distinctive “mobile payment characteristics”, and has steadily taken the first position in the fund concentration business in domestic mobile application area.

  • Wanda Launched the activity of “Countdown to Buying Movie Tickets at the Price of 8 Yuan” with UMPay

    There are Life of Pi, Back to 1942 and The Grand Master. The fierce “box office combat” of blockbuster movies in the festival season is like a blockbuster movie.

  • Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Conducted Special Training in Anti-money Laundering

    To respond positively to the call of the Business Management Department of People’s Bank of China to conduct anti-money laundering propaganda month activity, Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

  • Mobile Payment Promoted Economic Life and UMP Co-creation Won Future-2012 UMPay E-commerce Seminar Was Convoked Successfully

    “2012 UMPay E-commerce Seminar” sponsored by Union Mobile Pay Co., Ltd. was convoked on November 22 in Xiamen.

  • UMPay Laid out “International Fintech Service” First and Supported Banking Internationalization Strategy

    Recently, U Credit platform of UMPAY has launched “International FINTEC Service” firstly and strongly supported the international strategy of bank; its international message proxy services has already covered more than 770 telecom operators within 192 countries and regions in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Europe.

  • Zhejiang Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

    On October 19, Zhejiang Branch of ICBC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou.

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