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  • New Buying Function of HFB, Daily Gift of Call Charge Artifact

    Too much call charge? No problem. Go to HFB (Micro payment)! Inconvenient to pay for games and call charge? No problem. Go to HFB! Buy economical and practical goods with call charge? Do not hesitate, and go to HFB!!

  • UMPay Reaped Several Awards in Market Survey Project Organized by Committee of Mobile Payments of the Payment & Clearing Association of China (PCAC)

    In the market survey project "Seeking Ways to Steady Development" recently organized by the Committee of Mobile Payments of the Payment & Clearing Association of China (PCAC), Union Mobile Pay reaped several awards, including "Best Organization", "Best Case Study", "Best Member Organization" and "Outstanding Individual Performance".

  • UMPay Assists Mangocity to Develop Top-rate Mobile Business Travel Services

    China’s leading third party payment service provider UMPay entered into a cooperation agreement with Mangocity recently. According to the announcement made by the parties, the mobile client of Mangocity will allow its users full access to UMPay’s integrated payment platform U-Payment to conduct business travel reservations.

  • UMPay joints hands with Dianping to lead a new wave of mobile group buying

    The convenience of smart phones helps drive a growing consumption of mobile terminals and more and more consumers are getting special deals by buying e-tickets through mobile terminals. Statistics show that by the first half of 2013, consumption from mobile group buying has grown by 20% over last year.

  • UMPay: connect with customers with the importance of data

    As a mobile payment provider, UMPay is aware of the importance of data to improve its basic services as an effort to expand market influence, retain its customers and explore personalized services.

  • Join in Shanghai Payment Camp to Enjoy Shopping with Call Charge

    Nowadays, more and more people in Shanghai pay movie tickets, game currency, e-books, software, living articles and other consumer goods with call charge and enjoy its convenience and efficiency, which raises a new round of E-payment fervor.

  • Ever closer mobile payment and easy, trendy mobile shopping -food, movies, books and attractions at the click of your fingers

    Mobile payment is ever closer to our daily lives! Now users of China Mobile Henan can buy movie tickets, attractions tickets, books and even Dico’s food and pay directly from mobile phone accounts by simply clicking your fingers to send a text message.

  • Launch of FMP iOS version with Newly Added Cloud Storage Feature on

    The dissemination of bank cards has brought convenience and real benefits to our lives and there are constantly new card-using experiences on offer. Developed in response to the demand of bank card users, UMPay’s bank service assistant app.

  • Enjoy the New Experience of Telephone Fee Shopping in the era of 020

    020 pattern brings us more and more convenient and safe payment method while making consumers enjoy online booking and offline experience.

  • Bookcakes for Mid-Autumn Date iReader and MPP Jointly Offer Double-deal Gifts

    Gift for Mid-Autumn Day? Mooncake is out, “bookcake” (yueping) is in! From September 1 to 30, 50 “bookcakes” are available to pick up for each of the first 100,000 users who download the 360 mobile assistant or make the latest iReader Android client upgrade and then access the bookstore via the iReader client and download the “Mobile Payment Platform”( MPP, or“Huafubao”) client (by clicking on the book Must Installs).

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