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  • Li Ben, co-president and COO of UMF intellectualization will become the important orientation of the digital inclusive finance

    On November 28, the forum named "Financial Technology Assists in the Innovative Development of Inclusive Finance" sponsored by the Tsinghua Financial Review was held in Tsinghua University.

  • Donation Ceremony of "UMF Children's Book Station for Rural Kindergarten" Is Held Smoothly

    On November 7, 2017, the Donation Ceremony of "UMF Children's Book Station for Rural Kindergarten" jointly held by China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC for short) and Union Mobile Financial Technology Co., Ltd. in Xingzhi Kindergarten located in Xiadian Village, Shangdian Town, Ruyang County, Luoyang City, Henan.

  • “The Advent of A New Fintech Era” The Sixth UMF Product Technology Conference was Held in Beijing

    With the constant progress of science and technology, the value of technologies in the Fintech field has been highlighted. And with the constant deepening of the tendency of cross-border integration, to realize the renovation and breakthrough of products and to speed up the digging of users' demands has become the inevitable route for the success of enterprises.

  • UMF AR black technology assisting in Heyuehui APP marketing innovation

    Heyuehui APP is service software specially designed for Hubei mobile users by China Mobile Communications Corporation, Hubei Branch, owns the convenient functions of bill query, telephone recharging, flow management, credits exchange and business processing.

  • Innovation pushed for e-pay systems

    China, US experts share expertise to streamline cross- border e-commerce

  • Safeguard Financial Security Order: UMF Carried out Activity of Financial Knowledge Popularization Month

    Telecommunication cyber fraud cases have frequently occurred in recent years. However, relevant knowledge held by consumers is relatively insufficient, whose awareness of safeguarding their rights legally is weak. To promote further development of financial popularization & propaganda activities and enhance civilians' awareness & ability to safeguard their "moneybags", UMF (Union Mobile Financial Technology Co., Ltd.) has acted in strict accordance with document spirit related to the activity of "financial knowledge popularization month" (issued by the PBC, People's Bank Of China), taken multiple measures and adopted Risk Management Service to strengthen monitoring & early warning, thus taking the lead in properly doing preventive works to govern telecommunication cyber financial frauds an

  • Alliance between UMF and Wish for One Year Anniversary and Further Update for Cross-border Cooperation

    One is UMF, the domestic leading third party payment and finance information service provider and the other is the North American cross-border e-commerce platform Wish hit in recent years. Since its “alliance” for one year, what would happen to e-commerce gene and payment gene?

  • UMF Cross-border Charges Completely Reduces to 0.4%, Receiving Good Comments from the Merchants

    Recently, in appreciation of the clients’ support and trust, and support of the better development of cross-border e-commerce sellers, UMF announced to completely reduce the cross-border charges to 0.4%, which received good comments from the merchants.

  • Payment Revolution & Innovation First ----Founding Conference of Intelligent Payment Branch of China Urban Public Transport Association Was Officially Convened

    On September 7, 2017, Founding Conference of Intelligent Payment Branch of China Urban Public Transport Association & the Forum of "Payment Revolution & Innovation First" was convened in Beijing.

  • China Internet Hundred Companies List in 2017 Is Issued Independent Third Party Payment Platform UMF Is Listed

    On Aug. 3, Internet Society of China and Information Center of MIIT held the news conference of “China Internet hundred companies list”. The domestically leading financial and technological enterprise UMF has been on the list for four consecutive years, ranking the 31st of Internet hundred companies list.

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