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Party construction in enterprise

We actively carry out enterprise party construction in the new era

to gain a strong drive for sustainable enterprise development


UMF Party Branch has been actively organizing Party activities since its establishment in 2009, and focused on fulfilling Party members' pioneering role, attracting outstanding employees to the Party, reinforcing fighting capacity and cohesive force, and promoting construction of talent team and enterprise culture. It has been transferring concern and care from the Party organization and enterprise through various modes to stimulate employees to consciously devote themselves into enterprise development and construction, which has realized mutual promotion and win-win effects in Party construction and enterprise development.


Abundant thematic education and learning activities


The Party Branch continuously organizes "Never forget why you started", "Learn and talk about report of the 19th NCCPC", "Thinking about the 10th from the perspective of global game--ever-green thinking on family estate", "The Eight-point Guidelines Issued by the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau", "The Belt and Road Initiative", "Two Studies, One Action" "Liang Jia He Book Report" and other Party-themed education and learning activities.


Visiting activities improve political caliber of party members


The Party Branch has been constantly improving political caliber of party members by organizing all party members to visit Xibaipo, visit the great achievements exhibition "Five Years of Diligent Endeavors", participate in the large-scaled party day activity for non-public party members "Search for revolution footsteps, and always follow the party", visit the warning education base of Party School of Xicheng Direct Committee, and watch Wolf Warriors and other main-theme film/television works.


Vivid and dramatic party branch construction


The Party Branch carried out the activity of going over the oath at the CPC joining ceremony at the occasion of "the 98th Anniversary for Party Founding", organized normalized learning of all party members by to strictly obey the life principle of the Party, firmly maintain Party discipline and strengthen construction of Party’s work style. In addition, the Party Branch has developed the new Party members and strengthened the rallying power and combat capability of the Party.