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Privacy Protection

Union Mobile Finacial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as "UMF") pays high attention to protecting user's individual information, the official website of UMF (, hereafter referred as "this website") will directly or indirectly interact with you, thus, the policies of collecting, using and protecting your individual information by this website are specified here, please carefully read this privacy protection notice. If you are under 18 years, please be accompanied by your guardian while reading this notice. A minor shall obtain consent and guidance from the guardian before submitting individual information or materials. Your choosing of this website means you recognize and accept the notice's current content and any possible content which may be updated at any time.


Collection and Sorting of Information

When you browse, read or download information in this website, your information such as internet domain name, type and version of the browser you are using, time of visit, page visited, etc. may be automatically collected and sorted by the website. However, such information will not be used to identify you.


Individual Materials

During your activities in this website, such as user registration, online question feedback, employment resume delivery, etc., under your consent and confirmation, this website will request you to provide some individual materials, like name, gender, age, telephone number, mailing address, postcode, email address, etc. Before obtaining such consent and confirmation, this website or UMF will not provide your individual information for any third party other than UMF and its related companies, in addition to otherwise specified in state laws, local statutes and governmental regulations.



"Cookies", the material sent by this website to your electronic equipment, enables this website to remember some of your information and helps you to browse this website more conveniently. If you do not want to receive cookies, please close the option of accepting cookies in your browser, or set the option of noticing the user when receiving cookies. If you choose not to receive cookies, you may fail to enjoy some convenient functions in this website.



This website may every now and then provide links owned and controlled by third parties. Those links will be beyond the control range of UMF, so UMF will not assume liability for privacy protection stipulations of such third party websites. Therefore, please read items of usage and privacy policies in those websites before using them.


UMF will try its best to protect materials provided by you from being leaked, however, it cannot guarantee that this website or the server of site service will escape impacts from hacker attack, government regulation, computer virus, etc. UMF shall assume no liability about any of the above-mentioned situation and force majeure, or leakage, loss, falsification by others caused by you, etc.