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  • 2017

    Undertake the major program of the National Development and Reform Commission to promote the development of big data - "Financial Risk Control Big Data Application Platform Project".

  • 2014

    UME undertook “Basic payment platform transformation project based on operators accounts” of the Beijing high-tech achievement transformation project.

  • 2012

    UMF undertook the “New transaction service platform project based on high strength authentication” Zhongguancun pioneer project for modern service industry.

  • 2009

    UME undertook the “R&D and industrialization demonstration project based on contactless payment system for mobile phone” of The MIIT’s electronic information industry development fund project.

    UMF undertook the “Mobile electronic commerce integrated payment project” of NDRC informatization pioneer project.

  • 2006

    UME undertook the “Business intelligence platform project based on mobile e-commerce” of The MIIT electronic information industry development fund project.

    UME undertook the “Mobile payment and service platform project” of NDRC of electronic commerce special project.

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